2022 Recap And Current Goals For 2023

Dear friends of Total Courage:

I hope that 2023 has started off in your favor. Thanks for your continued love, prayers and support.

2022 was a very productive year for our team. We wrapped up operations in the Republic of Georgia with a real bang by hosting the largest STEM Summer Camp for Girls in the country! A huge success!

Also, thanks to you, we provided individual first aid kits to first responders in Lviv and Kyiv, Ukraine. Our supply chain was supported by former Georgian Army officers, retired French Foreign Legion officers and the Protestant Church in Poland! What a success!

Additionally, we were able to re-open a small, partially damaged Ukrainian textile factory and manufacture Teddy Bears, coats, hats and gloves for children and distribute them to needy families often under fire and experiencing hazardous conditions in and around Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine.
Very proud of that courageous team effort.

I promised all of you that I would never reach out to you without a fully prepared and vetted humanitarian assistance plan. We pride ourselves on a 97% operating ratio. Less than 3% of your donated funds are used for administrative costs.

This next mission is our biggest to date. We are providing one hundred 5000 Watt to 7500 Watt generators to Ukraine. Supply Chain custody at each node and mode is watertight.

Over 90% of the eastern region has no electric power to heat medical clinics, sleeping areas or kitchens. Families are literally freezing with sustained below-zero temperatures.

One generator can provide enough heat for 30 to 40 displaced people to sleep in subterranean basements and hallways, etc. Fuel availability is not a problem but electric power is nonexistent.

Generators fill the gap.
Power generation means life or death in such brutal winter conditions.

Please, spread the word and support this crisis response in the face of Russian aggression.

Again, thank you.

Serving with Character!