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Total Courage volunteers brave indiscriminate rocket fire to help displaced Israeli citizens.

Israel remains under attack from multiple fronts. Please help us provide immediate disaster relief to displaced families that have lost their homes due to rocket attacks and fire. We are specifically delivering food, bedding, medicines, clothing and sundry items to victims and host families.

Pray For Israel

Dear Friends:

Our mission in Kherson, Ukraine continues. Operation Hearth is placing woodstoves in hasty shelters for displaced flood victims. We are blessed to have a wonderful Christian missionary who is a former West Point grad distributing these stoves for us. The families are so grateful!

In light of the despicable and unthinkable attacks on the citizens of Israel, Total Courage finds itself at the tip of the spear once again. Due to our network of former military officers and, ironically, West Point graduates we have a reliable supply chain capability in Tel Aviv.

We have already identified 83 families that have been displaced by rocket fire and house fires. Our team on the ground will locally procure bedding, clothes, food, meds and sundry items to serve them and their host families throughout Israel.

As volunteers, we pride ourselves on maximizing every donated dollar to serve the displaced, indigent and infirmed wherever we are called to serve. Please help us establish an enduring footprint in Israel.

Our initial requirement is $200,000 and every dollar counts.

Serving with Character,


Thanks To The Generous Donations Of Our Faithful Donors, Operation Mishka (Teddy Bear) Is Well Underway

Our humanitarian assistance model is to do local purchases as much as possible in order to help the Ukrainian economy.

All teddy bears are ready to go, and our Ukrainian partners near Kharkiv are sewing coats, hats, and gloves night and day to meet the requirement.

Once the clothing is finished, our volunteers will serve the neediest children in Zaporizhzhia which has recently been liberated by Ukrainian soldiers.

We are grateful for Bohdan’s leadership in Poland and Ukraine. Our shipments are being disrupted due to artillery fire in Zaporizhzhia Oblast but we are also serving a Polish organization with 550 Ukrainian refugee children.

We ask for your continued support and prayers for our brave volunteers!

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