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Total Courage-ის დახმარება საქართველოს – ინტერვიუ ქეთი შეფარდთან

⭕ Total Courage ამერიკული არაკომერციული ორგანიზაციაა, რომელიც საქართველოსა და აღმოსავლეთ ევროპაში ჰუმანიტარული დახმარების გაწევაზე მუშაობს⭕ ორგანიზაციის მიზნებზე და საქმიანობაზე ტაბულას Total Courage – Georgia-ს კოორდინატორი ქეთი შეფარდი ესაუბრა

Posted by Tabula on Friday, June 5, 2020

Humanitarian Relief Update

Total Courage, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee announced today that they have partnered with MAP International and Project Hope to provide out-patient and over-the-counter medicines to the indigent in the developing world.

This effort, led by Dee Daugherty and Todd Scattini, has accelerated due to the great need during this time of crisis.

TotalCourage has also partnered with a European manufacturer, The Prevent Group, to provide critical COVID-19 personal protective equipment (PPE).

Humanitarian relief projects to provide medicines and PPE include the Republic of Georgia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo and Romania.

Additionally, Total Courage is conducting community outreach here at home with local grocers to create Total Courage Pantry Packs for the elderly and infirmed in Southeast Arizona.

Please support Total Courage by making a generous donation on our home page.

TotalCourage Goes To The Great White North!

During the Canadian Football League playoffs TotalCourage was invited to spend an entire weekend with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats professional football team.

Our Executive Director, Colonel (Retired) Dee Daugherty, speaks to the athletes about the value of resilience and endurance. Dee hammered home the importance of mental toughness, communication and selflessness in the face of adversity.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are a world class organization and their head coach, June Jones, believes that winning starts with individual character. Dee emphasized that in order to be champions everyone must be prepared to assume a leadership role.

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TotalCourage Bears Down in the Desert!

The TotalCourage team kicked off 2019 with a compelling message of resilience, endurance, and selflessness. It was a tremendous visit with the talented men and women of the University of Arizona Track and Field Team.

Parker delivered an inspirational message about the value of making a promise to oneself and to others and the importance of upholding those promises.

The TotalCourage team was hosted by the outstanding Director of Cross Country and Track & Field, Fred Harvey. Coach Harvey’s emphasis on Winning with Character has created a legacy of excellence! Olympian Greg Foster shared his powerful story of personal endurance.

The TotalCourage team enjoyed CBWA, “caring by walking around!” In the photos above we see Dee observing the Wildcats men and womens throws team.

The TotalCourage character coaches are honored to be a small part of the Wildcat leadership and character program.

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